Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Babies & Daddy's but not Baby Daddy's

I am elated to announce that my older sister is pregnant and due in April. I am so unbelievably excited! Some have said that I'm a little baby crazy and I would have to agree, note the baby countdown on the right side of our blog. Since she lives overseas and doesn't have access to all the wonderful materialism of the USA, I've taken the liberty of buying lots and lots of baby items for her. We are going to visit her and my younger sis in November and can't wait!

Two weeks ago, Alisha and I got a surprise visit from her Dad. He was in town from North Carolina visiting family. We decided that Alisha's sister and niece Haiven Fiona (10 months) needed to spend the weekend with us. I hadn't seen Haiven in forever and as mentioned earlier I LOVE me some babies. We spent the weekend catching up, playing in the backyard, taking pics of little Boops and hitting up some garage sales for baby books & toys.

Haiven Fiona (10 months)

Auntie Alisha pulling Baby Haiven around our backyard. I was going to use that old wagon for a herb garden but pulling around little ones is more fun.

I'd rather suck on my hand than hold on for safety

Haiven wanted to pull on Alisha's face instead

Thank ya, Thank Ya very much!

Haiven the ham, she loved having her picture taken and would even look right at you.

It was a great visit since Alisha hadn't seen him in five years and I was just meeting him for the first time. I really enjoyed seeing the similarities between Alisha & her father. He's even more of a fiery Irish than she is. Since this was the first time they had all been together we decided we must get some pics, The weather was gorgeous all weekend so we went out back again and took some family shots, which turned into another mini photo shoot. I blame my camera's fast shutter speed, but I will spare you all multiple shots. Alisha's birthday was also this weekend so on Sunday afternoon we had some friends over for pizza, wii and guitar hero. For some reason I didn't take any pics of the birthday gathering.

Alisha, Chrissy & Haiven

Alisha, Chrissy, Haiven & Greg

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall is in the air

A couple weekends ago we went to the Weston Applefest and camped out at the State Park with a few friends. The weather was gorgeous. I am always amazed at how beautiful it is in Weston, the drive through the sprawling hills and farms to downtown Weston is so relaxing. I love the old buildings downtown that house Antique and other specialty shops. The campground was really great. It included a scenic overlook of the Lewis & Clark Trail along the Missouri River in addition to hiking trails and a bike trail that leads into Main Street. We definitely want to camp up there again. Both Saturday and Sunday we went to the Weston Red Barn Farm to check out their pumpkin patch & apple orchard. That place is amazing. They also have a corn maze, hay rides, bon fires, various farm animals to pet plus they sell delicious treats in their country store as well as fresh mini doughnuts and other apple and fall goodness. This past we tried the pumpkin pancake mix and man, oh man it was dynamite! We forgot our camera so the pics were taken with my iphone...not the greatest but they work.

Crystal & James sitting around the fire

Alisha whipping up a yummy breakfast for us all

Alisha @ Weston Red Barn Farm

Alisha with her new friends

Pretty Pumpkins

Country Store

Alisha pretending to smoke in front of the Tobacco Farm (she's sooo funny)