Thursday, April 17, 2008

Congrats all around!

So far this year several of my good friends have had babies and several others are due this summer. The most recent ones being Nanthida(Khampakdy) Horton with her second "little" girl named Zoe. and Ann (Swails)Fritz with her first, an adorably cute little boy named Nolan. Congrats to all you new mothers out there! I love all the litte ones, well because they are so darn cute, but also because I have a thing for buying baby clothes. It began in college and I can't seem to resist those soft cuddly outfits.

Things have been good for Alisha and I. She is doing well at her new job and the "peeps" are really liking her. Some even write her letters, which are too funny! I love having her home on weekends and evenings. It's amazing how much joy I get out of us doing nothing in particular together. We haven't had much going on, I'm just wrapping up the semester. I finally finished some incomplete classes that have been looming over my head since I went home to help Mom a long time ago. I was officially accepted into the Counseling program and will begin that coursework in the fall. I will be graduating with my M.A. Curriculum & Instruction this August. Since the programs have a lot of overlap, I already have the school counseling emphasis completed which will make the Counseling Degree much shorter for me. Yipee! The sooner I can start my professional career the better!

My younger sis Holli is graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute next month so Ma & Pa will be coming up which will be fun. I got to visit with them at the end of March in Florida and we all went to Deerhaven, my church campground for a young adult retreat. It was great to see so many old friends from my childhood and relax in nature. Some Graceland Girls were there too including Katie (Hunter) Hensley, Stacy Watkins and Melanie Grimes.