Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My older sister Charlotte that lives in Seoul, Korea came to visit at the end of July and then we both headed to Chicago for a few days before she flew home to Seoul. We were so thankful that we were able to stay with my good friend who is actually in the process of moving to KC. While in Chicago, we walked a lot the first day and did some shopping. The second day we were feeling lazy so we rode on the Double Decker tour bus. Riding on Double Decker buses in Cities is my all time favorite tourist activity. Alisha and I rode them around NYC and loved it. The Double Decker in Chicago did not disapoint. We rode all over Downtown and enjoyed the interesting architecture, history and of course the views view along Lakeshore Drive. It started raining while we were on the bus so they gave out white ponchos and continued the tour.

Goofing off in our white ponchos on the Double Decker

After the bus tour, we went to the Art Institute of Chicago Museum for free admission. Gotta love the free stuff! We only had an hour before we headed over to Amphitheater at Millenium for their free concerts. We heard some amazing Afro Latin Jazz and enjoyed yummy snacks compliments of Lauren & Rene. Rene brought along Martje who is from Amsterdam that was in Chicago for business. I really enjoyed chatting about Amsterdam and travelling with Martje. I never realized before how beautiful Chicago is, especially in the summer and around Millenium and Grant Park. I couldn't get enough of the gorgeous skyline all around me while listening to great music and chilling with good friends and family.

Charlotte in front of the Millenium Amphitheater

Martje and Rene

Night View from Millenium Lawn

Summer 08

Apologies to our fellow bloggers, we do realize we might be the laziest blogger ever since we haven't updated in over 3 months. I ( April) promised an update by Labor Day so here you go. Since it is the end of summer in my mind, (Alisha informed me summer isn't over till Fall Equinox) I have decided to do a summer wrap up. There will be several postings so I can put a lot of pics and info as so keep checking back